Hello there!

I'm Theodore Keloglou, software engineer
and the founder of Avocado Jobs.
Keywords: JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Django, React, AWS.

Avocado Jobs
Job application tracking for developers + Job board
that listings get paid in Ethereum.

Open Source

Meetup alternative. Crazy fast, ridiculously minimal, built on Django.
Open courses platform built with Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL and React.
Node.js boilerplate and hackathon starter; Koa, Passport, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, Pug, Jest.
Pomodoro technique timer built with React.
EditorConfig file generator in Rust.
Gift exchanger for the age of the future.


Overview of the new protocol of the web at PyThess, the Python meetup of Thessaloniki, Greece; June 2017.
Dive into how the async nature of JavaScript works and mechanics of the event loop. At the SKG Node.js meetup; December 2016.
Presentation of half the features of the then brand spanking new JavaScript edition ES6. At the SKG Node.js meetup of Thessaloniki; March 2016. The recording is on YouTube.